• K3监狱地狱幕后纪录片内部流出

  • 状态:HD
  • 类型:
  • 主演:
  • 年代:2009
  • 地区:美国

简介:     这是一个完整的长度、幕后纪录片包括在第三盘的K3监狱地狱的限量版套装。它显示了奥拉夫Ittenbach使戈尔的特殊效果,而且它特性的a - b比较设置对最终产品,使用画中画。每个人都说德语,没有潜艇,但我包括在内,作为奖励,30分钟的扩展/删除场景也来自盘3。它几乎完全由硬核色情。享受吧!Description: This is a full length, behind-the-scenes, documentary included on Disc 3 of the K3 Prison of Hell Limited Edition Box Set. It shows Olaf Ittenbach making the Special Gore Effects, and it features an A-B comparison of the set vs the final product, using a picture within a picture. Everyone is speaking German, and there are no subs, but I included, as a bonus, the 30 minutes of extended/deleted scenes which also came from Disc 3. Its almost entirely comprised of hardcore porn. Enjoy!


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